Elena Zhylich

JET Founder

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Recently the partnership have been signed between Tony Margiotta, Techstars Accelerator, and Elena Zhylich, JET Founder, in London.

This is a turning point in the development of entrepreneurship in Ukraine and the CIS.

JET Accelerator is the greatest opportunity for hi-tech IT-companies and Start-ups from Ukraine and other countries to accelerate themselves and get a ticket to Techstars, that is a TOP-3 Accelerator in the world!

The Techstars Worldwide Network helps entrepreneurs succeed. Entrepreneurs make connections with other entrepreneurs, mentors, corporate partners, and investors who will help their company succeed. Large companies make connections with the best startups to future-proof their business. City governments connect with Techstars to help grow and sustain a vibrant startup economy.

88.6% of startups that have come through Techstars mentorship-driven accelerator programs are active or have been acquired.

More great news for you, guys, soon. Stay tuned!

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